inspired by summers past & present

vintage collage mixed media

As I was lying awake at 2:35 one morning, I realized that memory is not only about what was, but memory is. And, it’s never too late to reminisce about summers past, whether they are recent or more distant, or a combination of the two. Art, whether it's writing or painting or something else, then asks us to creatively reimagine those memories, often overlaid with what we presently experience and understand... 

I know two Maritime sisters quite well. Lobster is one of their favourite foods – they have even planned holidays around lobster season. Now in their 70s, they have never, and would never, consider eating lobster in public. Lobster is not simply eaten. It is a food to be lived. First, one has to spread layers and layers of old newspaper on the kitchen table. There are no plates, only forks, knives, and nutcrackers. Then, the steaming lobsters are dropped into a heap in the centre.  What follows is a free-for-all of cracking, chewing, juice, shells, sweat, sweetness, laughter, spray, and mess. 'Loppestre' (lobster), picture above, is available in my spring and summer collection.

I feel the same way about summer peaches – they are best consumed in private. The perfect way to eat a peach is in a soft and stained t-shirt, leaning over the kitchen sink, with vision blurred through the window because the focus is on the slurpy goodness of juice, the skin’s wooliness, and the firm tang of the fruit itself.

What’s your favourite, messy summer food?  What food is best eaten by yourself or with those who don’t mind your mess?

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