between seasons ~ new original art

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Those times between seasons feel really short-lived and transitory. A fall day might start off feeling like it's early winter, but end with warmth and the buzzing of bees. Such days aren't easily classified ~ they are neither here or there. Liminal.

This collection reflects those ephemeral moments when a sea creature floats gently past and you wonder if you actually saw it. Or, when bright flowers briefly contrast with a grey fall sky before the clouds roll by. Or, when we wander, open to a spontaneous experience ~ with no real destination in mind, but not entirely lost. 

In keeping with these ideas of change, transitions, and short-lived moments, the collages of this collection are all on reclaimed wood. These pieces were once part of something else. The layers are also more visible in these pieces than in my previous collection. I think these elements might reflect an attempt to make transitions more visible ~ to create space to stop and think, as in the collage 'she sat silently.'

In the bigger picture, I have talked to so many people who feel changed by the last few years. They, like me, are a bit uncertain about how to move forward and unsure of what to bring with them from the past. In this sense, we are also 'between seasons' ourselves.

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