layers, layers, layers

vintage collage mixed media

I was participating in a mixed media and encaustic class with one of my favourite teachers when a student asked how many layers of paint and collage were enough. Our teacher jokingly replied "40!" Even though she was kidding, there was some truth in that.
 I don't always have a plan when starting a new piece. This one, titled Hopefully, eventually included a transfer of my great grandparents' house near Miscou Island in New Brunswick. Sometimes I do begin with a photo, but this piece has many layers and I wasn't thinking of the photo when I began. 
The images here show some, but not all (!!!) of the layers in this piece. 




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  • Roanne Thomas on

    Thanks so much, Austin! Very glad that “hopefully” went to such a wonderful home.


    Cool seeing the stages. I love this piece! So happy I got to buy it, and looking forward to receiving it!

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