ancestors & artifacts

vintage collage mixed media

I once took a train to Texas from Ottawa ~ a long journey. I had to get to an arts and health conference and I think I just wanted to feel the whole transition, rather than skipping through space as you do when you fly.  When I told people what I was doing, they either thought it was a brilliant idea or they thought it was crazy.  It was both, really, as many things can be. I listened to people’s stories as I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with strangers over a period of two days. Hugely adventurous for me as I am really introverted. 

One of the many photos I took on that trip was of a rusty cart. It's made its way into two paintings in my newest collection ~ ancestors & artifacts. This collection is about memory, nostalgia, and what remains behind. It's about hope and the promise and courage in 'small' actions. I hope you will check it out.