'allowed to' ~ art journaling for beginners & beyond

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‘Allowed to’ is about giving yourself time to creatively explore your everyday life through art journaling. I'll help you to begin or rekindle an art journaling practice.

No need for fancy art supplies (though if you have them, you can certainly make use of them!) or any artistic experience. You can begin this transformative process exactly where you are, learning to see the magic in the everyday.

photo of journal with paintbrush and old key

'allowed to' launches May 30. In the meantime, you can get all the goods and the goodies, including previews, as well as 10% off ephemera (paper) bundles and digital collections by joining my waitlist! Waitlisters also get 10% off the workshop registration fee and a free digital collection 'flower' with plenty of text and images to get you started.